Product Manager

PT Jakmall Digital Niaga • Jakarta Barat, Dki Jakarta
Jenis Pekerjaan

Full Time

Range Gaji

Rp 7 - 9 Jt / Bulan

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Product Managers are responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle, encompassing the development, launch, and maintenance of new products or services. They collaborate with various departments to ensure the creation of a final product or service that aligns with customer needs and contributes to the company's objectives.

You will be placed to either the Warehouse (Internal) Squad or the Affiliate Squad.


  1. Conduct thorough research and analysis on product metrics, customers, market trends, and internet trends to identify challenges and opportunities.
  2. Generate innovative ideas based on the identified challenges that enhance market share, improve customer experience, drive growth, and increase conversion rates.
  3. Develop and formulate effective product strategies based on the generated ideas.
  4. Translate the product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.
  5. Monitor the implementation of product initiatives, assess their impact, and ensure timely progress.
  6. Collaborate with UI/UX teams to create a seamless user interface.
  7. Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful product execution and delivery.
  8. Collaborate with other teams during the implementation of new features or enhancements.
  9. Ensure high product quality through comprehensive functional testing.

Persyaratan Pekerjaan

  1. A degree in Computer Science, Informatics Engineering, or a related field is preferred.
  2. 1-4 years of relevant experience in similar roles.
  3. Strong logical thinking and reasoning skills.
  4. Intuitive understanding of user experience.
  5. Proficiency in developing mobile apps and website products is desirable.
  6. Meticulous attention to detail.
  7. Data-driven mindset with a focus on finding solutions.
  8. Excellent organizational and time management abilities.
  9. Exceptional communication, presentation, and leadership skills.
  10. Familiarity with e-commerce/marketplace product knowledge.


New Product Development Product Management Detail Oriented Data Driven Instruction Problem Solving
Tentang Perusahaan

PT Jakmall Digital Niaga


  • Kota Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia merupakan salah satu pusat perbelanjaan online marketplace di Indonesia yang dimiliki dan dijalankan oleh PT.Jakmall Digital Niaga. didirikan pada 1 Agustus 2016, kami sekarang memantapkan diri untuk membuka peluang bagi para pebisnis online untuk menjadiMitra Jakmall dalam bisnis dropship kami. Dengan mengkurasi dan memverifikasi penjual terlebih dahulu, kami menghubungkan langsung penjual dengan pembeli tanpa melalui tangan kedua, sehingga barang yang dijual merupakan harga yang terbaik di pasaran. Seiring dengan berkembangnya bisnis dropship di, tidak hanya memberikan sistem canggih yang terus terinovasi, kami juga merangkul sesama Mitra Jakmall untuk berkembang bersama dan meraih keuntungan terbaik.

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